What Is The Tentacle?

Here, you can find out what this "Tentacle" is that everybody's been talking about these days.

The Tentacle is a collection of open-source libraries and services that allow microcontrollers to communicate with Meshblu. It uses Google's Protocol Buffers as the messaging format.

With the awesome Octoblu designer, you can then configure your microcontroller like this:


And then use them in the designer like this:


If you want to get started quickly, check out the Getting Started guide.


Pin Confusion

One limitation of The Tentacle is that you can't specify analog pins by their usual A* designations (A0, A1, A2, etc). We hope to change this soon. In the meantime, this means you just have to reference the pins by their actual numbers - such as 16 instead of A0, and so on.